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To learn more about Flex click here

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If you have a question about a payment transaction, just fill the form here and we will get back to you !

At Flex we do not initiate any payment transactions. We just process transactions initiated by the merchants using our services.

If you feel that you have been incorrectly charged, please leave your details on the form here and we will immediately investigate.

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What is Flex?

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Flex is a payment partner with merchants that can step in to evaluate a declined transaction and assess if the payment really should have gone through.

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If we believe your payment should not have been declined, we purchase the invoice from the merchant and confirm the transaction so that they deliver their product or service to you with their existing terms and conditions.

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We then perform another authorization on the credit or debit card you chose. Sometimes this can be instantly and sometime it can delay up to 30 days depending on the best moment for your card to authorize.

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We will inform you of the authorization.

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Most importantly, this is not a loan, this is not a new contract. We are merely facilitating the transaction of your existing card at no additional cost or fees to you.

What is Flex
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Our customer promise

No additional Fees:

Flex does not charge you any additional fees other than the actual agreed price of the purchased product.

No Credit Bureau Impact:

Flex purchases invoices from merchants. This is not a loan. There is no change to existing lines of credit or balance limits. Flex does perform soft bureau checks to help get a better outcome for you but with no impact to your credit profile.

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No Collections:

Flex does not have a post collections process.

No Data Sharing:

Flex is a payment partner to merchants and uses data to help complete the transaction to allow you to complete your purchase even if your payment transaction experiences some issues.  We have a robust privacy policy in place and do not monetize customer data any other way other than to facilitate the customer purchase.


Refunds work just like a regular refund for other payment types including credit and debit cards or a buy now, pay later offer. The merchant has all of the transaction information. If they accept the refund per their merchant terms & conditions, they can confirm a credit to you, and

Flex will process the refund.


In some cases, you will also receive from us, on the confirmation email, a link to request a refund directly.

Card Statements:

To make things easier for you, we use dynamic descriptors so that your purchase will appear on your monthly card statement with the name of the store or merchant where you made the purchase.

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