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Boost your sales
with FlexCharge

Give your shoppers the ability to complete a purchase when their payment is declined.


more sales on payment declines


increased customer loyalty

payment declines

Remove the frustration of payment declines

Over 50% of shoppers abandon their cart when they experience a payment decline. Our technology removes this point of friction as, when a payment is declined, instead of showing a payment failure message, we allow shoppers to complete the purchase. We guarantee merchants the payment and charge shoppers the amount due at a later stage, with no additional fees. Shoppers are happy and merchants increase their sales.

online payment declines
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As easy as clicking OK

Shoppers experiencing a payment decline are offered the opportunity to complete their purchase simply by clicking an OK button. No prior registration, no additional information is required to use our service.

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We take care of all failed payment transactions

Irrespective of the chosen payment method, be it a credit card, debit card, BNPL, etc, we are always there, taking care of any declines, with a zero friction customer experience.

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We take away the biggest reason for customer churn

Over 50% of customers abandon their cart when experiencing a payment decline. We remove this point of customer churn and transform payment declines into a positive customer experience.

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We help your business grow


more sales on payment declines


Churn reduction on clients experiencing a payment decline

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Simple integration

FlexCharge can be implemented in a matter of hours. Our technology is designed to integrate with platforms with a near-zero effort.

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What you will get

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Increased sales

We significantly reduce the number of carts abandoned due to declined payment transactions.

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Great customer experience

Instead of showing a frustrating payment decline message, we take over and offer shoppers the opportunity to complete the sale with just the click of a button.

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Seller protection

We take credit and fraud risk for each of the FlexCharge orders, so you do not need to worry.

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Business insight

Our merchant portal gives you a clear view of the payment declines you are suffering and the impact of FlexCharge on your sales.

Ready to transform

payment declines into great customer experiences?

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